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What kind of video do you need?


Internet ad for your gym? High end commercial for TV? Corporate documentary? Instructional video for your school?


The price may vary, depending on your demands. You may want animated UFO's flying around CN Tower in your ad for a travel agency (yes, we can do that!), or you may want simple instructional video about your gym. The same instructional video can be shot during one afternoon with local TV star or during one week with in Rocky Mountains, with drones, cranes, etc. with you in the main role. Or something very simple, like drops of water falling and writing name of your brand on your windshield and you happen to be a producer of windshield fluids.


You may also want me to edit 1000 hours of your footage over the next ten years, or for the rest of my life. Sounds like I would say no, but if it's interesting, perhaps I discover a new sense of life.


In order to give you the correct pricing or approximate quota we need to know what exactly do you need:


- how long should be the final version of your video

how many locations need to be shot

- how many hours/days of shoot

- what kind of postproduction do you need, i.e. if you need special effects, 3D design or to edit a doc out of hours of footage.

- what's the character of your shoot: do you need multiple cameras, to light one interview or your entire factory, etc.


Fitting into a budget: Alejandro Jodorovsky wanted Salvador Dali in his movie and Dali accepted under the only condition that he is the best paid actor in the world. Jodorovski had only $100.000 and he offered Dali to appear just one minute in his film, and they signed a contract.


Call Vladeo for video.




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